Ankorhem designed a new identity for Botangle, a social education company.
Botangle, which focuses on providing educational videos for learners, expanded their services to merge with Day One, a social platform empowering students to jump into learning starting from “Day One.” As a result, Botangle required a breath of fresh air - a new brand. Ankorhem engineered a powerful identity that empowers Botangle with a powerful visual connection, implementation flexibility, and overall design versatility. is an exciting new way to get involved with education that operates outside the status quo. It’s an engaging platform that allows students and tutors access to a diverse array of resources that just do not exist in a normal classroom setting. At, we’re building a community of learners and educators that are interested in accessing quality education and expanding their knowledge base outside the walls of the classroom. We can’t build without you: won’t you join us as we build the educational community of tomorrow, today?
Original branding
Botangle's original identity was done during the heart of the young startup movement and therefore bares many of the traits associated with those brands.
Ankorhem underwent designing Botangle’s identity trying to avoid falling into the sterotypical ed-tech branding (you know—like a grad cap or book). After stringent focus testing and experimentation, it was clear that they needed an identity that captured their vision for changing the way people think about education. To align with Botangle’s vision of paving the path for education, Ankorhem designed a visually appealing and capturing identity. The process of the identity went through several variation of typesettings, along with color palettes. Additionally, heavy focus testing was done with the market demographic to discuss visual appeal and brand awareness.
The typeset sets a precident for the rest of the identity. It’s a lighthearted setting with strong geometric lettering and soft bright pastels filling the rounded characters. This allows for flixibility and the continuation of this style throughout further collateral.
The mark refers back to the style that runs through the identity, gives a vessel casual interaction when the full typeset cannot be used, and makes a great compliment when put on a blue background.
The fun part of any new identity is to see how it work when you take it off a white background on a computer screen. Every company builds their brand through impressions with their users, and the goal of every identity is to create the perfect shell for the interaction. Here is what Ankorhem designed to cater to this young education company’s energetic and vibrant audience.
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